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PM7 platform

Network Affiliate Marketing, As We Know It

Network affiliate marketing, with the course of time, evolves and changes fast, and any predictions towards its future cannot be 100% right. The key players of the market alter the course of its development. Software for marketing, driven by new partners and technology platforms, keeps moving forward. Startups and well-known brands develop and manage multi-level strategic partnerships on a worldwide basis.

Traditional affiliate cycle can be arranged if four main parties take place. The first one is a merchant who represents a company or a brand. They need to promote their business, get the exposure and increase sales. An affiliate is a source of traffic – an owner of a website, a blog or a social account. Any channel will work for the merchant if it has a high-volume traffic and can increase conversions massively. And the last party is a customer. The idea is they visit third-party sources and make a purchase, which is a final goal of a whole cycle. When a purchase is made, the merchant confirms the deal and sends the commission to the affiliate. This is a vital flow of any program that is marketing a software, product or services.

Effective affiliates work hard to increase and inspire conversions; otherwise, they won’t become connected with merchants (brands). Brands must set significant reward commission if they wish to engage with top-rated network marketers. They know the value of their services and the real price of referred clients. And they want to be paid well for it.

Shopify’s affiliate program

Network Affiliate Marketing: Pros And Cons

Marketing softwares, based on networking, like any business strategy, have its pros and cons. Let’s begin with the pros:

  1. A universal way to sell products and services directly to potential clients. The more websites of a niche market are chosen to be a place of an ad, the more sales it will bring.
  2. No investments from merchants to expand the audience. Basically, they use a client base of a partner they work with and pay afterward (after the transaction is confirmed).
  3. Different consumers from various websites can bring the merchant a good idea about market trends and needs.

As for cons, we can name a few most common:

  1. High commissions and expensive service and maintenance charges.
  2. False advertising and misleading on affiliate’s side. That may lead to complaints from clients and negative reviews.
  3. You may get just a few new clients – not what is expected to be.

Marketing softwares, referral programs and all related solutions may sound too questionable. Businesses can focus their efforts on good old-fashioned advertising. Marketing a software, products or services via banner ads, sponsored Facebook posts you shouldn’t be afraid to get a little disappointed at the return on your investment. Online promotion may increase some key metrics, like new visits to your website, and it can make some boost in revenue. But will it grow your consumer engagement significantly? Hardly. The same goes for sales teams – too expensive to organize and handle, with no guarantees.

PM7: affiliate marketing platform, for growth and sales

Affiliate marketing, as a business strategy, exists for quite a long time now. Still, many of well-known brands have no idea how to elevate its channels to increase revenue on an incremental basis, to attract new customers and raise brand awareness. We ease the harsh experience for our partners. Software for marketing, provided by PM7 technologies, runs referral programs and offer incentives for consumers to share and promote products or brands.

Marketing softwares, performed under PM7 platform, ready to be implemented and used right away. It is much more than a tool to attract more customers and increase sales. Due to its technical ground, PM7 platform can be easily integrated into any iOS and Android application. It has flexible settings to comply with all demands needed for a viable marketing campaign.

Incentivize your clients

Unlike advertising and paid posts, affiliate marketing platform, owing to its framework, is a profitable investment as merchants pay only for confirmed sales. Turning your customers into referrals is a proven approach to increase retention rate and acquire new clients at low costs. Providing your audience with an incentive to share a product with friends, you only win. Customers get rewards for sharing a product, and you grow sales with new clients.

Let customers build a network of sales for you

Multi-level marketing is an approach where customers are incentivized to connect their friends to a program to be rewarded in return. The incentive is often a cash reward of commissions that each connected friend makes. It can proceed to some number of levels when friends of friends are connected. As a result, this structure will look like a pyramid to the one who started a chain. Released for businesses and startups, software for marketing, due to a branching algorithm, lets create several levels of connected members.

Chain of sales at PM7 platform

How we track your progress

The most general question is how we monitor and record traffic, clicks, and sales. The answer is simple. We use tracking URL – a unique link generated for each product, each customer, each transaction. Clients may never notice that, but every time they refer to someone, we create a unique link and bind it to account to be aware of every action. Marketing a software, or any product, our partners always know where traffic comes from.

How to start working with PM7

  1. Easily create your referral campaign in 5 minutes.
    Set up your first campaign and commission structure.
  2. Let people know you give away bonuses and rewards.
    Introduce your offer across the web and to your current consumers – any channel will work for you.
  3. Let your customers become your sales managers.
    Sit back while your consumers promote you and watch how your sales grow fast.

Why brands choose PM7 platform

PM7 has a variety of advantages which prove that we provide the most convenient, easy and profitable solutions:

  1. A variety of campaigns including a multi-level network of connected friends: we provide a unique solution for every partner.
  2. Pay afterward: our merchants decide what rewards and bonuses are given for – registration, friends invited, purchases – and send rewards when action is confirmed.
  3. Quick payment cycle: once the campaign is set, we take care of everything – from the moment purchase is made till sending bonuses to users.
  4. Enabling deep linking: direct clients to a specific product or a page you need. No misleading steps.
  5. Powerful reporting options: all data on every transaction bound to every consumer is accessible to our partners.
  6. Easy to understand dashboard for end users: user-oriented design, quick learning layout, built-in sharing options.
  7. Great customer support 24/7/365: our support team is ready to provide help to merchants and consumers at any step.

Affiliate marketing platform, performed by PM7 technologies, includes more options and tools than listed above. Due to its flexibility, any flow for a multi-level approach towards customer engagement can be easily implemented by PM7 development team within a reasonable period.

Don’t hesitate to reach our team and discuss all details. We are here to grow your business rapidly.

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